Off-Site Backups


The importance of backup and data protection in a business can often be overlooked.


Over 80% of businesses that lose their data are forced to close within 2 years. There are many companies that do take their backup system very seriously but are unaware of the implications of getting the process wrong.


Many businesses perform backups to USB flash drives or external HDD, these are good for the backup of data if a server / computer fails but this is not good if you should have a fire. There are always exceptions to the rule but in this instance this involves fire safes, this is a good idea but in the event that your business does sustain a fire, it can take days maybe weeks for fire the department to deem your building safe for you to enter to access the data in the fire safe, also fire safes are not very cost effective.  Most of the above applies to other scenarios which involve misplaced USB flash drives or HDD's, robbery of hardware off the premises.


You wouldn't leave your house unlocked? Your data is your business and it needs protecting. Our opinion is that all businesses should have an off-site backup. And if you haven't got an existing backup then we can help you organise one.  There are many solutions on the market and there will be one that will fit in with your present infrastructure.




Our off-site backup is a cloud based service.


Your data is transmitted securely to an online server, stored and encrypted.


Because the data is stored in a different physical location this meets the requirements of a disaster recovery solution which can reduce business insurance premiums.


The backup is performed on an automated schedule, usually out of office hours, removing the requirement for manual intervention.


The daily reports offer the peace of mind that the backup is successful and alert to any issue. In addition the online portal allows for full user control of the backup job and schedule. File and folder restores can be performed with a few simple clicks from the online portal or software agent.



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