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IT Support that lets you have fun whilst getting your work done from any location.


The support you’ll get is simple and easy. Your emplyees will have the freedom to work and grow from any location.  


This very simple and easy subscription gets you all your company needs to get work done for one monthly charge.  This subscription will fit any company that has 80 or less members of staff that use a computer on a daily basis. This is perfect for you.

We are based in the UK and have been making life easier for companies like yours since 2014.

As everyone knows technology can go wrong, we do offer a service that will allow one of our engineers to come to your site and fix your IT issues in person.

The Subscription

It’s £80 per team member per month (ex VAT). Nothing is hidden, and there are no extra charges. You get everything your company needs for straightforward IT. This gives you licencing for all Microsoft based applications. (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Teams, Outlook, Onedrive) aswell as advanced security for those teams members.